Our Services

The Clinical Compass team offers support at every stage of parenthood. We have taken the time to do the research and interview the clinicians and programs so that you can focus on building a healthy relationship with your child.


Our clinicians will conduct various assessments to address your behavior and mental health needs.

  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Mental Health Care Assessment
Navigating Parenting

We understand children need structure, consistency, and positive attention. Clinical Compass specializes in providing families with strategies that help reduce the challenges of parenting, while creating secure attachments.

  • Infant Attunement
  • Quick methods to Potty Training
  • Quick methods to Sleep Training
  • Behavioral Reduction
  • Coping Skills for Early Life transitions

Adolescence is a time when your teen will protest demands and rules as a means to develop their own freedom and independence. Let our team help navigate through the barriers of connecting and communicating with your teen.

  • Building Communication Skills
  • Effective and Gentle Discipline
  • Crisis Management
  • How to approach your child if you think they are self-harming or suicidal
  • How to approach your child if you think they are using drugs and alcohol
  • How to provide support after trauma
  • How to intervene with sudden drop in academic performance
  • Individuation Support (“Failure to Launch”)
  • Implementing boundaries and providing your child space
  • How to manage anger and violent or aggressive behavior

We are your partners in parenting, which means we will guide you through every process of this journey. Once we have developed a treatment action plan we will follow up with you during weekly sessions to check in on your progress, offer you tips, and continue coaching you through behavior modification support so that you get the best outcomes.

Once your child has been placed or has successfully graduated from their program, we will offer you aftercare support to ensure that you maintain the progress you have worked so hard to achieve.

Navigating The Clinical World


We assess every client for his or her own mental health and behavioral needs. In some cases, additional Neuropsych testing is required to help determine the correct diagnosis and treatment protocols. Our team will help connect you to the appropriate testing services so you can have a clearer understanding how best to help your child.

Case Management

Often the most effective approach to managing mental health and behavioral symptoms is a collective and holistic approach. Regardless of what stage you are at in the diagnostic process, we will be there to guide you through understanding symptoms and behaviors, and most importantly, which interventions are most effective. When you partner with Clinical Compass, you will have access to our network of pre-screened clinicians and treatment programs so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality of care for your child and family. Once you have been successfully matched with your team, we will serve as the liaison, coordinating communication so that you can make the most informed decisions for your family.

Navigating School Systems

With years of experience working alongside and within education communities, we will guide you through the process of working with schools to help secure the best education interventions and services including Individual Education Program (IEP) and 504 Plans.

Navigating Support Programs

The Clinical Compass team will connect you with the right service to meet your family needs.

  • Regional Center
  • Behavioral health services based on diagnoses
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Special Education Interventions
Navigating Financial Aid

Finances can be one of the most stressful aspects of managing mental health and behavioral issues. Our staff has extensive experience working to ensure clients receive coverage for the services they medically need.  

  • Patient advocacy and support in managing insurance claims

Education advocacy to gain financial support through school districts and government agencies.